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Swiss Chocolate Fondue (for two)
Our famous Toblerone chocolate fondue is served with a colorful variety of fresh fruits and cake for dipping

Viennese Apple Strudel
Baked fresh daily and served with vanilla ice cream

Chocolate Cake
Scrumptious chocolate cake served with raspberry coulis

Crème Brulée
A classic dessert, prepared the original way

A traditional Italian "make me happy" dessert

Homemade cheesecake served with raspberry coulis

Chocolate Mousse
Fluffy and smooth, prepared daily by our pastry chef

Chocolate "Marquise"
Our chef's special creation; made with dark chocolate served in a Bailey's Grande Anglais Sauce. and topped with a creamy Hazelnut Ice Cream


Peach Melba
Deliciously sweet; fresh peaches and raspberry sauce served with vanilla ice cream

Banana Boat
A classic ice cream dessert, made with fresh bananas, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce

Hot Framboise Kisses
Hot raspberry sauce over creamy vanilla ice cream

Assorted Homemade Ice Cream
A generous selection of our homemade ice cream

Homemade Ice Cream - small portion
Your choice of vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or pistachio ice cream


We serve Espressos, Cappucinos, Regular and Decaf Coffee, Tea and Iced Tea.

Or try one of our special coffees, such as a Swiss Coffee (with Swiss Kirsch Brandy), an Irish Coffee (with Bushmill Irish Whisky), a French Coffee (with Cognac) or a Don Juan Coffee (with Rum and Kahlua).

However, do compliment the ending of your evening with an after dinner drink. Choose from our varied selection of liqueurs and cordials such as Grand Marnier, Remy Martin Cognac, Sambuca, Bailey's Irish Creme, Chambord and Port Wine.
Located at the Eagle Beach in the Low Rise Hotel Area
A Short Taxi Ride From the High Rise Hotels And Downtown Oranjestad.

For reservations...Please call 297-587-5054
or use our Online Reservation Form

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